What do you earn as an OBC member?

Access to European organizations

OBC is a member of the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA), with representation on its Board of Directors – the largest and most influential business organization in Europe with a membership of over 1.2 million companies from 35 countries.

Direct contact with all members of the OBC

OBC - a qualitatively selected selection of companies on a club basis and with a club organization operating on a national scale regardless of the political and religious orientation of the members. Building a business environment and relationships between members while preserving their economic independence.

Protection before the institutions

Representing and defending the interests of its members before all state and municipal bodies, as well as before the institutions of the European Union.

Business with foreign partners

Providing the opportunity to do business with foreign partners through reliably operating international counterparties.

Информация по Eвропроекти

Participation in projects and project activities implemented by OBC. Timely information on open programs from European funds. Free consultations on European Funds programs.

Club activity

Improving qualifications through participation in seminars, forums, trainings, etc. Monthly organization of meetings of OBC members with the aim of personal acquaintance and the opportunity to do guaranteed business between them.