Who are we?


ASSOCIATION FOR SUPPORTING SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED BUSINESS – UNITED BUSINESS CLUBS (UBC) is the fastest growing non-profit non-governmental organization, not affiliated with political parties, organization in Bulgaria, established in January 2013, but already with a membership of more than 2000 members in the country. OBC has supporters and members from other European countries and is constantly growing. The association represents the interests of citizens and legal entities from micro, small and medium businesses, free professions and crafts from all over the country, operating in various spheres of the economy. By increasing our membership, we are becoming more numerous and stronger, enabling us to negotiate with the authorities at European, national and local level in order to achieve key business benefits for our members.

OBC is now a recognizable and preferred partner, motivator and incubator of business ideas, not only in Bulgaria, but also in Europe.

OBC is a full member (the only one for Bulgaria) of the European Small Business Alliance (ESBA) – a pan-European organization with over 1.2 million companies from 36 countries as members; OBK is a partner of: the European network EEN, the South East Cooperation Initiative (SECI), the Organization for Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), the largest and most influential employer organization in the United Kingdom – the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), and also as well as the European Trade Organization with China.

All these partnerships and contacts enable our organization to provide our members with expert support on all business-related issues, to exchange experience and good practices, knowledge and skills, know-how, innovative approaches and models for business development at a global level , and also to provide them with many opportunities for business internationalization.


Our aim

To support and protect the interests of the self-employed and the owners of micro, small and medium enterprises.

We achieve our goal through negotiations and close cooperation with European, national and local authorities, institutions, media and other associations with similar goals.

OBC is committed to delivering a wide range of high-quality, high-value activities related to the support of its members – services related to financing, European funds, markets (including international), telecommunications, insurance, advertising, etc.


Our mission

To work to expand and develop the business culture and increase the standard of living of each member of the Association through the multifaceted development of Bulgarian small and medium-sized businesses, liberal professions and crafts by building a qualitatively selected and actively working club business network in the country, tied to an active working related international formations.


OBC and the privacy of personal data of natural persons
To fulfill the mission and goals of OBC, the Association collects information according to the business and personal data required for normal joint activity from our members, institutions, organizations, companies and partners, related to providing more opportunities for the development of entrepreneurial activity and improving the services provided in benefit of its members.


Through this DECLARATION, intended for you – all current and future members and in various forms – partners of OBC, we provide you with information about the nature of the personal data that we collect and process, in order to gain a clear idea of the purpose of their collection, your rights and how we protect the privacy of your personal data.


How and what personal data do we collect?

Data related to OBC membership and/or the services provided by OBC
According to the membership requirements, each member is obliged to declare and state the preferential conditions under which he will work within the Association with the other club members, and only the general information about the legal entity and the subject of activity are visible to Internet users, and the data such as name, telephones, addresses, e-mail, discounts are encrypted and are not accessible to third parties and are not distributed. The Association collects personal data solely for the purposes and activities of the association and those required by statute, law or other regulatory act. In the event that such personal data are collected for members – natural persons, the representatives of legal entities, partners and/or donors, they are stored in compliance with the legal regimes and norms established for this and after their express consent to this.

OBC collects data primarily on the basis of declarations and other documents (on paper or electronic media, including through the Association’s website) that you provide to us